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How do you write dates in spanish I Ready Couples

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How do you write dates in spanish

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However, there are other possibilities for international contexts. Dates can be written with a mix of numbers and letters or just with numbers. All letter dates are not common; they just used in very formal writing. What date are you reading this post?

Write the date in Spanish in any of the forms we showed you. For more posts like this, visit our summary post. Spanish uses cardinal numbers two, three, twenty.

For example, primero de septiembre. This is because they are harder to manipulate, the same way we write in all letters the quantity in a check.

Isn't that common in English? Hola que gusto!

Muchas gracias! This post has been extremely helpful because I'm supposed to put the date on my spanish homework and I wasn't sure. Thanks so much!

Get started. How to write the date in Spanish HelpfulDuo.

For only-numbers dates we can use hyphens, dashes or dots to separate the numbers. Hos example: The first letter of the month is not capitalized as in English.

November 17, This only applies to Latin America, in Spain only cardinal numbers are used. November 18, June 12, Diecisiete de noviembre de dos mil diecisiete. November 19, May 28, November 20, October 7, Diecinueve de septiembre de mil novecientos ochenta y cinco.