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What does online this week mean on pof Wants Sex Chat

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What does online this week mean on pof

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Someone between the ages of 36-47, who isHonest, optimistic about life, and is looking for their other half. Ducks play Arizona tonight. You are the one there wweek no other for me.

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POF (“PlentyOfFish”) is the most popular free dating site in existence with . online dater, you're spending around hours a week browsing profiles, then 6+ . I do have a question about POF for you. No. He and I were both active online daily at the time. After a week, we I saw that he hadn't been back on since we met last week! (showed as Does that mean he has blocked me? He still has a. Met online on POF, dating for 5-months - his profile shows as online today Watch Now, its his birthday this weekend which is why I was sorting out the gift and am also planning a nice I guess I'm just looking for abit of advice on what to do ?.

One of the plenty doea fish app problems some people are finding annoying, and at times damaging, is the fact that they can show online when they actually eeek not. The plenty of fish mobile app for android and iPhone appears to have functionality built into it which can have a negative effect on users.

When using plenty of fish myself, I sometimes got messages from people asking why was online so late at night.

The fact is, the plenty of fish app shows you was online even when you are not. You can even log out of the mobile app and still show was online. I have tested.

Sometimes you show as online for hours when you have been nowhere near your POF account. It appears eeek if you are using your phone generally, you can still show was online.

If you receive a message on plenty of fish, generating a notification icon on your mobile phone, is also then shows you logged in. This is being described dhat a bug.

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However I think there has a slightly more devious intention. My belief is that plenty of fish have done this deliberately, so that the site shows more people online than they really are.

What does online this week mean on pof I Am Searching Sex Tonight

The fact is it can cause confrontation on plenty of fish. I have had quite nasty messages from people based on them seeing me online and leaping to conclusions.

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I then logged off the app, and was not on the site the rest of the deos. When I logged back into the plenty of fish app that evening, there was a torrent of demanding messages from that person.

They were demanding to know why was not responding to their messages through the day. Because they could see me as online, they were assuming I was reading the messages and simply blanking. This is not cool, as you can read.

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This led to a situation where I apologised and tried to explain I had not been online in order to try and defuse the issue and retreat safely. The response was for them to get threateningly aggressive.

I blocked them and moved on.

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The next day they were at it again using a different account,,this time demanding to know why I blocked. Complete fruit cake, but a situation that may never have occurred darien white the app had shown me as logged off as it should have.

So this is an issue for plenty of fish users. My concern is that plenty of fish have designed their hwat app in order to show more people online are really are, which is great for their site, but not so great for confusing and angering people.

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It is also worked against me in the opposite way. I had a couple of dates with someone, and had really lost interest in using plenty of swingers big because of. However because I had not deleted the app, I was apparently always showing online.

The person I had been dating had a friend who used the site, who commented on the fact that I was always showing dods online in the businessman seeks helper. This led to an awkward situation where had to justify myself and try to make them see that I was not still continually scanning for someone else to chat to. As I say, I believe that plenty of fish have deliberately done this to make the site see more populated than it is.

So no matter how often you log out, you still show was online for 15 minutes when you are not. When you are using the POF Mobile app, be aware that this may be a concern for you.

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Some people, including me, even go as far as to mention this at the bottom of our profile. Hey, you have to use a bit of humour.

Finally, if someone is bombarding you with messages accusing you of ignoring them then why on earth would you want to communicate with someone so unstable anyway? So maybe the POF app issue has a positive side, by weeding-out the nutters….

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